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In case You are interested more about the topics with backup-copies, people in the internet and people in real, I have some own threads in:
Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Community Center > The Bitchlist

In the help-section of / there is an article about the shutdown of AIM. Already in 2011 it was not easy for me to find the website and also the download-link to AIM.

On the previous Windows Install on my Workstation PC there was also Windows Messenger (already pre-installed). I wanted to try out Yahoo Messenger and ICQ, but I stayed on AIM and I reinstalled it. I refused to install the Facebook Messenger, that was a very good decision. Also I never used WhatsApp or Instagram.

Frank had once Skype on his PC for a short time after a former contact in real had bothered us to try that out, and in Media Markt they had said, we could use also the loudspeakers. Frank and I refuse to use in-ear-phones and earbuds because we like only supraaural and circumaural headphones. Because there were conflicts with other software, Frank had uninstalled Skype very quickly.

I used AIM a few times for chatting with some of the "Facebook-Friends". But I never got the wanted artists into a chat. Other people who were very stressful suddenly started a chat with me very often, also if I didn't have the time right now. Later I turned off the chat, and I turned it on only a few times and very shortly. Also it was necessary for us to remove the birthdate from the info, after I got trouble with Facebook just because I wanted to click "Like" for each birthday-greeting on my wall. And then we discovered, mostly the other Facebook-Users wanted to use us for their own purposes only because they were very selfish. At least we have no problems with them anymore.

I think, that also AOL Lifestream in the browsers (Firefox & Chrome) will not work anymore after the 15th December 2017...

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