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Hello, Peter! I checked the settings of all the cover windows. What to say? I shake hands, just thank you so much. There are many, even too many. I will say more - Wynamp still has not seen such a cover. Personally, I lack only a few touches in visual perception. Maybe somewhere I repeat, so I apologize.
1. Spectroscope window. In all colors, the display merges with the grid, and in the classics the grid is generally lilac - why? Make the grid the same as in the main window or as in a large LED indicator.
2.On the analogue VU. It seems to me that in light bulbs of a peak it is necessary to remove chiaroscuro, they will be more contrasting and better visible. By the way, thank you for removing the shadow of the arrow.
3. Window of a large LED indicator. I wrote above. It would be desirable to designate the inclusion of the indicator not with readings -20 (so the indication starts from actually -10), but with additional switching diodes (ON). Otherwise it turns out that the analogue VU operates in the range from -20 and above, and LED indicators are from -10, since -20 is constantly on. AND! The color solution of the diodes should be taken from version 1.5, where the colors of the diodes are brighter, especially red.
4. The main window. Here, in principle, everything is fine. Yes, a special thanks for implementing the oscilloscope lines.
General wishes. Is it possible to realize a spectrograph for each channel? It would be great. And the size of the windows - they are all of different sizes. This is not particularly important, I just want to know - so conceived? In general, you need to hand Oscar for such work!
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