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Which Winamp?

I'd like to give Winamp another try.

I used Winamp from the late 90's to around 2007, when I switched to another player. AIMP is very much like Winamp. It has a WYSIWYG skin editor and does just about everything I want from an MP3 player, but the visualizations are on the weak side. I miss some of those trippy Winamp ones. They were fun to leave running while I listened to tunes. Aimp never did fully incorporate plugins to the degree that Winamp did.

I'll always remember Winamp in much the same way as I remember my first CD player, or my first home stereo. It introduced me to a new music format which I have listened to and collected to this very day.

Winamp got weird in the mid-2000's, which is part of why I quit it. Constant updates with no seeming purpose, and I SWEAR I remember the damn thing displaying tampon ads at one point. So, if I were to give Winamp another try so I can enjoy the cool plugins again, which version would you recommend? Also, did they ever make a WYSIWYG editor for it?

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