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I've made a discovery. It seems the Per Frame equations have very little effect on the skin's animation, and mainly adjust reaction amounts. But In the Warp Shader code, I found a line of code which is having a massive change, at least to the skins "breathing in and out" animation where the orb in the centre grows in and out, seemingly to an inaccurate beat detection.

float1 sand = dot(noise2, abs(GetBlur1(uv)-GetBlur2(uv)-GetBlur3(uv)));

If I change the value of "noise2" to "noise1", the "cloud animations" that you'll see around the orb in the centre become solid, and no longer "breathe" with the orb in the centre, but Milkdrop does notify me that is because of an undeclared identifyer, so I'm assuing the "noise" file/texture/source is causing this problem with my skin, and it now no longer auto-adjusts. And upon deleting all the code for the Warp Shader, the centre still remains (as a Custom Shape) and continues to "breathe".

I'm just trying to keep the cloud like effect it had, so I'll see what I can do within this code. I hope that this'll help you somehow
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