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New Version of Preset

Thankyou Phil. It's good to hear that someone's experimented with trying different music players, and settled for Winamp and Milkdrop. It reassures me of my rather less researched choice.

As for the auto volumizing. I've tried experimenting with the code for my preset, and settings for the visualizer to no avail. But I have managed to stumble upon the settings that more accurately react to the music being played.

Here's a couple new versions of my previous preset:
(bear in mind the preview image is still of the old preset. I was a bit too lazy to make a new one)

I recommend the "Day" and "Night" versions as they feature this updated code, and look alot nicer in my opinion. I fiddled with the shaders, light sources, and colours to achieve their differing styles.

I will take another crack at improving the preset at some point, and finding the root (if any) for the auto adjusting, but for now I think this is good enough. Hope you all enjoy

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