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Something I just noted - You modulate the global zoom with volume for the bumping effect, but there is still zoom when setting zoom=1. This is unexpected and it took me a while to find the reason: milkdrop knows two other variables sx and sy (where the s stands for "stretch"). They allow to set individual zoom factors in x- and y-direction and they add to the zoom variable. They are currently set to 1.0201 in the milk file, probably a relict of an earlier edit. If you do not need them, you should set them to 1, either directly in the milk file or in the per frame section. They will then no longer interfere with zoom.

And if you do not want extreme zoom values, I recommend to apply a limiter of some sort.
vol=vol*vol; does the contrary, better omit the squaring. And because you do not seem to use the q variables anywhere, you might replace the entire per frame section by something simple like


vol = bass+mid+treb;
zoom = 1.01 + 0.006*min(8,vol);
sx = sy = 1;

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