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this is asthetics (so not really important) but i thought i should report that there are discrepancies between what the mouse-over captions for Winamp and the gen_tray plugin display. To recreate, start playing a song on your playlist. then stop it and remove the song from your playlist. check the captions. winamp shows the previously played song still (still in the ticker, etc etc) but gen_tray appears to jump to the last track in the list (?). another way this can be shown is how you can play a song and then clear your playlist and add a diff song and winamp will show the new song as the currently playing one (in the playlist). then winamp's caption is still the current song and gen_tray is the newly added track.

again, i know this is splitting hairs, and i don't actually care if it's fixed or not, i just thought i'd let it be known.

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