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i've made a few changes from rc1 but since there's still one bug left that i want to fix i'll release a new rc tomorrow now (running out of time to find a working fix * ). changes made so far are to swap the volume icons around (wasn't keen on this but i can see the benefit of a consistancy with the Winamp ui), added in what the order of the icoX entries is (since it's not clear unless you already know) and added in caching of the current playlist item to mimick Winamp's behaviour near enough for the compact mode tooltip (will resort to showing Winamp X.XX where applicable for consistancy as well)

* The issue i need to fix is that if you have the compact icon showing, if Winamp is paused and you stop playback when the compact mode is flashing the pause state then it will show the pause and open parts on the icon instead of play and open. Due to this, the next public build shall be RC 4

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