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Just one thing, wich Dro has forgotten:

Changelog Tray_Control 2.0 RC2:
  • added link to the plugin for downloading icon packs.
though you might want to check the spelling of mercury on the license text
Damn, this is really an old bug, it depends on the backup files, after one of my local drives crashed, I used the backup files and had rewritten the script from the scratch. The folder on my drive was wrongly was named "Mecury" instead of "Mercury".

I'll fix all related typos in the next build.

[Edit]Just compiled Build 4.3:
  • fixed all typos related to the "Mercury" pack in licence, installer and on my local drive.
  • fixed other small typo in licence file
  • readded "Icon Replacement" pack.

We need volume icons for this pack, and I still don't like the name, maybe I'll find a better name before we ship the installer

Edit: Martin, I got the the extra icons, and the icp file from the attachment, but the vol up and down icons are the wrong way around.
As DrO already said, I've fixed this in the installer version of the pack.

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