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I've made an update for a while, but never released it, heh.

I hope to find webspace for uploading it, until they've fixed again.

Nullsoft Tray Control Icon Pack 2.1

No major changes were made, but some improvements in the installer script and at least one new icon pack.

Changelog so far:
  • added new "Wood" icon pack
  • added ability to install icon packs by author
  • grouped icon packs by author
  • installer now detects running Winamp instances and can close them (just for fun hehe)
  • changed name of local saved licence file to "Nullsoft Tray Control Icon Pack.txt"
  • changed compressor to solid LZMA (file size vastly reduced)
  • changed publisher name
  • Installer won't create .url file anymore
  • added help link to Windows uninstall menu
  • fixed typo in licence file
  • some cosmetic changes
  • fixed some minor bugs
  • updated to NSIS 2.20

I'm still working on new features for 3.0, but the new big update will released after a new version of the Tray Control plug-in was released.

If you have any icon pack, which should be part of this installer, feel free to contact me.

Link to the installer changed 13/12/2006 now that the submission system is working again - thanks to the stashbox guys for hosting it in the mean while
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