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I am little confused about what you mean or if you are asking a question.......

Are you wanting to do AVS (or AVS type) visualization in DirectX.

To be honest I don't see the real difference in using DirectX or OpenGL. Stablilty of the two is mostly the same. It depends on who is programming it and the damn drivers by nVidia/ATi.

I did wonder what is happening to fridge but understand that undertaking a large new visualization project in 3D with the flexibility of something like AVS is a huge task and a lot of work. keeping teh motivation is difficult really these things are becoming fulltime positions for a few people.

As you know you cannot simply (or at all) port AVS to a 3D enviornment.

If you are looking for a new project I would look at doing one scene/effect/visaulziation really well and releasing it as that. Combining a user configurable multiple effects interface is very difficult and something that can come after.

R7 what year are you from 2015?

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