Thread: Avs + Dx9/10?
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Matt: I'm wondering about what you're trying to accomplish with this thread.

Just a random thought?
Did you make a start already and is this a request for assistance?
Are you expecting 'someone' to take care of it just because you started a thread?

You know already that there is very little that has been done so far with AVS. DrO did some small changes but he said he won't do anything else but what he just did: AVS 2.81d

It would be best imho if the little development there is, would be aimed in one direction. The majority has chosen that that would be in Fridge - You may like it or not, but because of this you must realize that you won't get any help with building a DX powered AVS from any of those people.

And indeed, as Rovastar said, AVS's code is as flexible as a nuclear bunker.

A more realistic approach would be to devellop a DX powered Fridge once the openGL version is done.

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