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I realy don't see the point in making an engine in OpenGL and then porting it to DX. Why? It sound like because you don't like the way you think a project is being run.

It is also unrealistic in this day and age to expecta port for CPU based. Load, if not all, the effects in GPU cannot be even done CPU.

Surely the idea is to get away from the 1990's idea of doing all the GFX on the CPU.

With any project like this you need to decide at some point what you minimum spec is. Choosing what level of PS support you have is a major decision. PS 1.0's are a pain frankly and have little releation to HLSL which will be a load easier to learn then the assembley of PS1.0 *shudder*.

I would be looking at min PS2 support for a project starting now. Think about a realistic completed/release time and what the average GFX card can do then and what your target audience is likely to have. If Microsoft new operating system recommends PS2.0 level cards (Aero in Vista) than you have already a good template for what will become standard for many, many machines out there.

HOw much will a GFX card cost that doesn't have basic PS2.0 support in 6 months time. I expect you wil not be able to even by teh cheapest budget one. I think in the worst cards out there, the Intel intergrated ones have had PS2 supprt for some time.

PS2 support isn't really that complex as even crap buget cards support it, the power of the card is more of a consideration.

I would be looking at high end 5 series nvidia stuff like the 5900GT for a good min/rec spec.

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