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As far as I know, you don't need any license (nor is there one) to use Winamp itself.

As I said, the only license you'll need is a public performance license, and as you say, the cinema must already have one. Consult them for info on whether they have to pay any royalties for public playback of any copyrighted material.

There's a license agreement included with Winamp, on Screen 2 of the installer.
3. RESTRICTIONS ON USE. Licensee may not: (v) use the Product to reproduce, display, perform, or distribute audio and/or video content in any manner that violates any U.S. or foreign laws or regulations or any third party's rights, including copyright, privacy or publicity rights, or other intellectual property right;

4. NEED FOR CONTENT LICENSES. This license provides no rights with respect to any musical compositions, sound recordings, video recordings, or other audio and/or video materials ("Content") that may be reproduced, encoded, distributed, transmitted, performed, or otherwise used in connection with the Product. Licensee alone is responsible for ensuring that any Content is properly used in accordance with applicable laws and the rights of any third party with respect to such Content.
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