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I guess the answer is no?

Is the situation any different on the PC side? It's a lot of work but I could switch over to a PC no problem.

I went into the phones app management in settings and told it to move the app to SD there. I unpaired it and repaired it to the desktop app and cleared app data on the phone and "Winamp mac sync beta" still says only 9gb free on the phone, which is the internal memory because my SD card has over 32gb free. This limitation in not using the SD card pretty much makes Winamp mac sync beta useless IMO, I would think very few people can fit their library on a phones memory alone.

Winamp for android is happy using my phones SD for music but managing my playlists on the device is a PITA. I was really hoping for more.

Phone is Galaxy Note i717 running ICS 4.0.4.
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