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I am a long time happy paid Winamp user on Windows. I just bought a Macbook Pro for my audio work and was happy to see Winamp for OSX...

It's very frustrating. Hardly anything works.
I will keep my patience about me and keep rolling with the beta anyways, I'm glad you guys are doing this thank you very much!

Nice GUI elements, the little light denoting 'now playing' is cool, but could light up a bit more, maybe then I could SEE in this dark GUI :P
...the search function seems to work also.

It's all a bit minimal which could be cool, although is currently a bit like a burger bun after the filling has dropped out.

When I click to drag ANY song title in the library or playlist to rearrange - it moves the GUI.

I cant drag songs from my USB key into the playlist. I can't really drag anything anywhere.

I can't reorder or resize any track attribute columns (artist/album etc).

Nothing highlights or changes colour to show me I have selected something. So I can't actually click ON anything and the only way I know i'm actually interfacing with the program is the tiny right click menu.

There are no options for anything, except watched folders.

I don't have time to keep typing, but there's not much else to say unfortunately, there's not much THERE!!

I'm running OSX 10.8.2 and the latest 0.8.1 Winamp release ala 7th Jan 13.

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