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Originally Posted by sankt View Post
That depends on what kind of Quality Management software you are looking for.

Is he dealing with ISO 9001 ?

Is he dealing with TQM ?

Is he dealing with MIL Q 9858 ?
He's getting it for ISO 9001. Can you recommend any good software? I've been looking for systems online and found ETQ's quality mgmt software in the search results by google but have not referred my friend yet. Was hoping I get recommendations from guys who have actually used the software.

Originally Posted by sankt View Post
Word of warning, anything ISO 9001 related is going to cost a small fortune, just because they can. Most Quality Management "systems" have evolved into a huge money racket.
Do you know of any company that isn't in the business just for the money?It would be a waste of time and money if we partner with a company that won't deliver.
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