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You have to remember that midi isn't a music file, it's a file of keynotes, so hoping to directly stream it through shoutcast directly seems very unlikely because first you would have the notes go through a synthesizer which in turn would have to be encoded to a shoutcast compatible stream before streamed. This is why the Stereo Mix, or "What you hear" works, because all of that process is being done before it's transcoded and streamed.

In regards to the OS changes, there was a lot of changes that occurred in windows vista vs xp. How Windows Vista and later handled audio is very differently with their Audio Stack Architecture which resulted in the removal of the kernal audio mixer which is what I believe you were referring to.


Current status of Winamp: (Winamp 5.8) is not an ongoing project get wacup

5.8 beta issue quick fix - Install 5.666 (there's no further 5.8 releases)
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