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I was able to find out a way thanks to this program:

Virtual Audio Cable

I'll do a little explanation just in case for possible forum/google readers since it might interest some people that needs to sort out midi/audio playback/recording problems in general even outside the scope of Winamp
It installs some playback and recording sound devices that can be used by any program (if the program cannot select a particular output device, the default should be manually selected in Windows in advance). There are also Audio Repeater functions between devices for advanced users

So far I used it in Winamp in conjunction with CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth or BassMidi, and choosing VAC in the sampling options of Winamp, and the DSP/Output options enabled (DSP alone might work I didn't test). Shoutcast will receive the signal inside Winamp
CoolSoft allows in its options the VAC device to be used as Output Audio and that would do the trick even though Winamp will still enable the playback sound to be heard by the hoster because of the previous Winamp options
For Bassmidi VAC "playback" device should be the default in Windows before starting Winamp. After launching Winamp the default playback must be switched to the standard soundcard one; this was necessary to avoid the audio signal apparently getting "duplicated"
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