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I'm finding myself doing a hell of a lot of walking away.

For video games from the 80's. Joust was good jokes. The Ultima series. Falcon. I mostly used Atari's 400/800/ST. PC's were kind of weak compared to the Motorola 6502/680X0 machines like the Amiga and the ST. PC's contemporary to the A400 were still running DOS. No real sound chip. No midi port. No player missile graphics chips. The TRS-80 was in there somewhere. The OS was even better on Commodore and Atari machines. Especially the Amiga. It was hands above DOS or Windows 3.1. Windows 3.1 sucked compared to AmigaDos. Windows 3.1 crashed way too much and those multicore Motorola processors were way faster. It would actually multitask and not crash.

Until we get to chips like the DX4/75 and early Pentiums circa 1993-95? I think Win95/OSR2 was really the first Windows I respected.

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