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Let me get this straight here. You're porting content from one game to another and distributing copyrighted content with your work? There might be a few legal implications to that.

(First the disclaimer. I am not a lawyer and if you have doubts, see a qualified legal expert for further advice. This advice is not intended to replace advice from a real lawyer, and should not be treated as such. In no way will I be held responsible for actions recommended within this post.)

If you're making sure that the user owns a legal copy of the game, why not just search through the registry for an installed copy of the game, and then use CopyFiles to transfer files from that installation to your own installation directory and then patch things as necessary using VPatch? That will take care of two things, Fair Use and bandwidth.

Even if you take measures to ensure that the user has a legal copy of copyrighted content, you can't distribute that content without written permission from the publisher - Atari in this case. Distributing instructions to modify it through patches will be OK though, since none of the actual content is included, only a few checksums and offset values.

Also, using a patch-based approach will save you bandwidth. You probably did modify the game's files quite heavily, but how much of that 800MB is textures, models, sprites, etc. that is unmodified? Distributing patches will let you share your changes without having redundancy in there.

The approach I'd recommend is to search the Registry for an installation of GTR2 and use the data files from that. If it's not found, prompt the user for a directory containing the GTR2 data files. Then use CopyFiles and VPatch to perform the bulk of the installation. This way you're safely within legal bounds, but you don't have to take exhaustive measures to ensure that a user is properly licensed. If their cracked GTR2 data files got corrupted by a LimeWire virus then VPatch will fail with a checksum error anyway. Sure you can still use a cracked copy of GTR2, but this way you're ensuring that you can't be held responsible for distributing what Atari will consider "cracked" content. Hope that helps. And if I was way wrong and failed miserably at interpreting your goals, forgive me


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