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Is it on the wishlist then?

Maybe a word from a senior member would help to further improve winamp or could inspire a plugin engineer to help with this matter.
As it seems many people don't get the idea of replay gain anyway by confusing it with normalization or whatever, it would be helpful not to confuse them even more when fumbling with preferences.
Default should be smart automatic detection if track or album gain should be taken (depending on active playlist, see above)
User might switch to turn automatic detection off by either:
- always use track gain
- always use album gain
- always using preset general gain
- don't use replay gain at all.
This to name a few common sense options imo , which would best fit in an additional button (similar to the 'repeat' button).

Great to know that several other audio players have that more or less, so it should be easily adapted by winamp - still the greatest media player around!
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