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Originally Posted by Critter View Post
However Im interested how Batter Pudding does this at a DNS level ?
I only just saw this post, so answering four months late isn't too bad.

Being a geeky tech, I have different answers for many things. My broadband comes via Virgin Cable. This means I don't have an ADSL connection coming in over a phone line. It comes via Virgin's own cable network and terminates at a Modem with an Ethernet connection. This is where I supply my own router. An old 486 PC running Freesco (

Basically - find any old hardware, install two network cards, locate a floppy disk and install.

That is then a mini-linux OS running. This then supplies DNS services for my house, so I can edit the DNS.cfg file and add in lists of domains to ignore in an identical way to the HOSTS file. The main difference being it is then relevant to all the computers, phones, etc in my house.

If you want more info - PM me. Or make a new thread and I can discuss it in there. (Don't want to fill this important thread with OT stuff). Importantly you don't need to know much about linux as once it is installed you just ignore it.
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