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does not recognise what ? i need information as if you say it keeps happening (but haven't mentioned it before), then if it's our fault (though i'm struggling to work out what with no information) we need to fix it and if something else is possibly corrupting the DNAS program file (as you seem to be describing) then that's not the DNAS's fault but the cause needs to be tracked down and i wouldn't be surprised if it could happen to a 1.x setup as well.

and i know you've never wanted to update to the 2.x DNAS but the reality is that 1.x is dead and there are things coming which demote the 1.x DNAS in the SHOUTcast ecosystem even further than has already been started on. hence why if there is something wrong, we need to work out and resolve it or determine what A/V software, etc is intentionally wrecking the program file.
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