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Originally Posted by mrburns View Post
Really MrO? (u aint no doc, clearly)

That the best you can summon up?
This is an internet music program, very simple, stop acting like your some kind of superior being with ultimate knowledge. You do not hold secret NASA info, just give a hint.
Share or FO. Alternatively, most users will FO if you're the best PR rep winamp has.
:clap: :clap:. Well done, you just drove off the only dev working on the desktop version of winamp. It's probably for the better, if I was a dev I would get tired pretty quickly of people asking for a new version. It's a privilege to have a dev on the forums, and that just disappeared.

I understand what's going on behind the scenes (I've developed software too) and that's why I never ask for a new version, unless it has a bug that affects my use of the product.

My 2 cents worth.

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