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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
Unfortunately it does not work.

Please try the new version.
The bug was still present in the v1.6.5, but has been fixed in 1.6.6. Thank you !!

Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
That description fits my simple mind

It's reproduced and it used to happen not just with gapless playback.
Thank you!
Just came upon another little bug:
a) Create a playlist with 2 (or more) tracks.
b) Play the first track, then pause.
c) Double-click on the other track, to start it.
=> The music plays fine, but the time and position stays at zero / are not updated.
d) Stop and play another track, the problem remains.
Then move the time-position cursor: the problem is fixed and the time-display is updated again.
Another solution is to switch to pause/play mode a few times, and it returns to normal again.
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