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Angry !if command not working

Please tell me what is wrong with the following script:
PHP Code:
!define FW_FILE AD600
!if ${FW_FILE}==AD600
!define FW_NAME "OMEGA 600"
!error "Unknown firmware filename defined!"
Here are the important parts from compiler's output log window:
PHP Code:
MakeNSIS 2.15 Copyright 1999-2006 NullsoftInc.

Processing script file"D:\firmware_types.nsi"
FW_FILE=AD600 (D:\firmware_types.nsi:5)
errorUnknown firmware filename defined!
Error in script "D:\firmware_types.nsi" on line 6 -- aborting creation process 
Why is second branch after !else executed instead of first one when the condition is met???
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