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The FAQ is not written in language for "normal" home users. What jaromanda is showing you is that the passwords are hidden with a couple of fairly basic encryption routines. This means that the passwords are not plain text and readable. They are encrypted (or Hashed).

They could be hacked back to a readable form, but will need a fair bit of work. For example, the hacker would have to encrypt each word in the dictionary in turn and then keep comparing the result to your encrypted password until he found a match. This is possible, but would take a lot of time.

There are modern tricks to shorten this time, but it still takes time. The main point is - your password cannot not be quickly read.

What you should pick up from this is: Don't use the same password on important websites. If you haven't already done it, change that password here and on any other websites you use it.

The messier your password is, the harder it is to crack (Ghu87HJ$$ju82H is much harder than password1 or 12345678 to crack)

[To others reading this - I know I have over simplified the above description... so don't start picking me up on salts and so forth. The idea was to explain to the OP that this could have been much worse without getting too technical]
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