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What I was trying to point out is that a simple dictionary word is compromised in seconds. Many of those rainbow tables will already have been filled with the common passwords and Webster's Dictionary. A random mess of characters will take longer. (I have seen the Chinese smashing at the doors of FTP servers I monitor... and it is funny seeing the password lists they try)

And yes, MD5 like WEP and many of the older encryptions have been proved to have errors in the maths that can make cracking easier. Just think of the feeble computing power we had back when these were invented... and now we walk around with the equivalent of a 1980s super computer in our pockets. What do you think the inventor of the MD5 algorithm would have thought it you had waved an iPhone at him!!

And you are right - websites get hacked. All the time. At least Winamp told everyone about it (after they closed the security holes). Yes, this is a legal requirement to tell people - but how many forums do you think get silently hacked and repaired? Going by some of the spam I get on my "forum only" email addresses, I think that is fairly high.
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