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I use this email address on a dozen or so forums. And no where else. It is noticeable that it has either been hacked and sold, or just sold previously.

The address used here is just an ISP supplied one. And they now get Google to look after the accounts. So most of the spam stops at the Google borders, so cannot tell how much it gets.

I have 35 mailboxes I check, and spam levels are next to nothing. Surprised if I see a couple a month in total. But then, I am a paranoid git who don't trust anyone with my details. No Facebook or Twatter account. No leaving personal details strewn all over the place. Careful as to who I signup with.

Anything with credit cards (Paypal, Amazon, Ebay, Tax, etc) all get unique addresses. With a hack like has happened here at Winamp, I guess there are people here with a SINGLE Hotmail email address they use EVERYWHERE. With some of those having the same password for each account. I have seen clients of mine get hacked and badly scammed that way. They then get a kick up the arse from me and a lecture to not be so silly in future. No one has the same door key for house, work, car and bank vault - so why use the same password?
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