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Well, I was just about to post a new version anyway.

Firstly, I do apologise about the dependency. They are the most annoying thing when trying to run software. It was not my intention to require any non-windows libraries. I only noticed it yesterday when I opened several thing in Dependency Walker. This new one only depends on Windows' own libraries.

Secondly, yes it is a Winamp plugin.

Thirdly, yes that lib will be from mingw, specifically Cygwin's build of mingw64. Although my system apparently found a compatible one though GPG (which has just reminded me to create some signatures for my new version). Perhaps that one you downloaded doesn't have all the needed symbols causing the plugin to not show for you.

Anyway... The new version is almost entirely changes to the Winamp plugin and the Windows code. It has a configure window that lets you choose the preset, the render size, and an attempt at a framerate. I added a status bar to the display window which shows size and framerate, somewhat similar to the old AVS Editor window.

Less interestingly, I tried to improve my use of the Windows' API: slightly better checking and removing most of the error MessageBoxes, and most importantly I have now compiled the plugin using the Unicode defines and features.

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