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Batch result is different between excution with NSIS script and manual execution


I need to execute a batch file "AutoCompat.bat" which call an exe "Launcher.exe".
Here the code I use:

Name "ExecWait Test"
ShowInstDetails show

Section AutoCompat

SetOutPath "C:\Batch_Folder\AutoCompat"
ExecWait '"C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" /K "AutoCompat.bat"'

OutFile AutoCompat_nsis.exe

The Batch is executed but the value returned by exe called is different from the return value obtain when i launch the batch manually with command prompt.
The exe return 1 when i launch batch with NSIS script but the exe return 0 when i launch it manually

So the final result of batch file isn't the same executed with nsis script than executed manually with command prompt.

Actually i don't understand why i have different behavior betwen NSIS script and manual execution.

I have tested too ExecShell and nsis:Exec command but the result is the same

Thanks for your help.
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