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to find those files, i did C drive searches of the exact filenames. they were the only results.

here's what i think happened: i had winamp open (and probably actively playing something) a week or two ago, and something knocked my laptop, which rebooted it. its a great laptop, but it has a freefall sensor which is WAY too sensitive (i posted about that a few months ago). slight knocks cause hard reboots, and i can't do squat about it.

anyway, i launched winamp, and for the first time ever (that i can remember anyway) i got the "blank ML" screen, and it had the explanatory msg you put there with the button to click to delete and make new ML DB files. i did that and it worked, and i rescanned in the files to ML and np. but i never checked the history view. i think i have manually cleared and rescanned in the ML since then too.

so, if the laptop died or rebooted while playing, i think it could have killed both DB entities, (ie. history and ML). does that sound reasonable to you?

perhaps the history view now needs a similar "jic" button like the ML has when corrupted?

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