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frisbeemonkey -> great job you have done here but i have comments .
I have tried to use your sliders script for seeker with animated image and map pic on it. That works correctly but there are 3 problems:
1) i am in position A of time when i left click on my seeker (here i see the seeker go to the right position let s say position B) and i do not move and not release the left button after a short time the seeker goes back to position A. Then if i load your maki skin and reload mine strangely that works correctly.
2) i can seek only from 0:02 to 3:02 ( for a song lenght of 3:04)
is there an explanation on that (my map seems correct)?
3) What should i do if i want this: when i click on seeker and i don t release the button and go outside the seeker i would like that my moves outside the strict area of the seeker makes the seeker moves

i doubt a lot of ppl will understand what i am saying cause of my english damn

Willfisher -> what is an autorepeatbutton?
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