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IMPORTANT follow up information for Shoutcast tech support

Here is what I posted on Radionomy, please read it and you will understand why I posted there:

Follow up info:

Changed the stream back to 128kbps MP3, sounds good enough.
Station is: ... free/index

But again, our station has a REALLY good Google Page Rank, and somehow we only have 3 Listeners?

Here, you can check our great Google search result position here: We are listed right next to Pandora:

Just go to and do this search: classic rock internet radio free

With such good Google exposure for our radio we only have a maximum of 3 Listeners during past a 24 hour period. One of the listeners is us, since we need to monitor the live stream.

We did post this low listener count issue on the Shoutcast Winamp Forum, but very few people looked at it and we have received no replies to the post there.

We have contacted some friends of the station, and checked home PC's, and even went to the Seattle Public Library to test if we could listen to our radio. What happens is over 90% of the time you click on the "arrows" on the page to listen and nothing happens. No audio from the stream. What sometimes works better is to click on the .m3u link, but on most Windows PC's what happens is the radio stream will play for some minutes and then stop playing.

My backround is that I worked for a very large Internet Radio Station during years 2005-2010.

Please someone fix this listening issue for us, we want to support Radionomy and Shoutcast very much.

Thank you very much in advance Radionomy Staff for your assistance. If necessary please reach out to proper Shoutcast Technical Support personnel so we can be heard online. We estimate that if things were working correctly since we launched this radio we should have at least 100 listeners.

Thank you again,

P.S. If a Recording Artist, Copyright Holder or Record Label ever objects to a song we are playing being played, the legal solution is very simple: we remove that song from our Playlist and do not play the song again. So far, no one is objecting to our current Playlist.
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