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Animated Buttons


I'm trying to make some animated buttons. There's attached a zip with 3 pngs. They will be the stages i wish:
-Normal. File 'button_play.png'
-Mouseover. File 'button_play_over.png' (5 frames) 105x120 pixels.
-Pressed. File 'button_play_pressed.png'

I tried to use a sample available at this site, but it is old code, and it works for all states animated.

Maybe this is not the exact thread for this question (really i requested help on the thread of my 'Noia working on', but i guess a MAKI with animated buttons will be very useful for newbies as me.

BTW, this thread is very helpful. Thanks to share the scripts! I used the Animated Volume and Drawer... thanks!
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