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Originally posted by xenosomething
as for the usability issue....the buttons were *really* thin. even after i finally spotted them i felt like a sniper trying to pick-off a midget
lol, ok..
I'm using 1600x1200 on a 19" monitor and the only things I felt like that with were the LCD sliders, but that's been fixed now, yes you still need to click within the 4px something area to begin scrolling them, but then you don't have to aim like a sniper to be able to scroll them, which has made wonders.
Still, I can somewhat understand the issue..
but I still think it's more usable than other skins in that category, as I've had to search around alot more in the other skins, than I feel is neccesary in d-r..

Originally posted by VAG
Ahhh forgot to say, to me most Usable Skin means that it's so usable and EASY TO USE that don't needs any help at all, it's like install and play......
and here I go thinking d-r fulfills that requirement. am I really the only one?

Anyways, most usable doesn't mean ease of use as in "stupid morons who cant find the power button on the computer should be able to use it out of the box without having to even wait for the tooltip to appear", it means the skin you'd use for your everyday use, ie: your default skin. That in turn means it should be easy enough to use, offer the features you use often in convenient places, etc...

D-R has just about no learning curve at all imo, and for those who feel the need to learn how to use it, there are loads of help to get, to be able to get started immediately.

I certainly feel it's by far easier to use than for example emp2 is.

oh well..

this is why we need _clear_ definitions what "most usable" and "most creative" and "best power user", etc, means!
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