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Visualization fullscreen problems for video files

I have a multi-monitor setup, specs:

Winamp 5.92
ATI X800Pro
TV as second display

I'm using Milkdrop for my visualization plugin on the TV, video on the main monitor. When I start playing a playlist with all videos, I can get both the video and Milkdrop vis to go fullscreen, one on each display, no problem. I also have no problem with the video window when the next song comes - that window stays fullscreen, no issues. However, every time a new video file starts, Milkdrop reverts to a non-fullscreen mode.

This problem does NOT happen if I use audio-only files - Milkdrop stays in fullscreen mode.

I was going to try another vis plugin but the other two built-in plugins don't allow fullscreen when video is being played.

This works perfectly except for the fact that the vis gets knocked out of fullscreen mode either at the end of or beginning of a video file being played...

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Please could you report this issue in the Milkdrop forum.
We've just had confirmation that the same behaviour exists in 5.08 and earlier.
As Milkdrop is now open-source, maybe someone on the sf project can fix it, heh.
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