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Hi, In reply to MoeGreene's post with ID3v2 tag errors, I have them too.

It seems to me they only occur when there is no padding in those tags...
I use MP3Tag and Godfather, and they both show me the tags. BUT if I remove the passing with godfather, after setting the padding in the options to 0 (batch jobs => sync => reset ID3v2 padding) it sometimes can't read the artist field in a track. Really annoying...
I'm going to inspect those files with a hex editor...

I allready found the bug. In my case it is because of the way the V2 tags are written before AND after replaygain garbage.

Example :


In the bad exaple the TPE1 (artist as far as I can remember) is AFTER the MP3Gain things. In the good one it is before.

So actually it isn't a bug in winamp, it's just a little neglection.
I'll just have to find a way to clean those up then...
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