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I had the free version (5.09) of Winamp installed, and upgraded to the Pro version of Winamp. I installed over the free version, without uninstalling. I am using the Lame MP3 plugin v3.97 to encode wav files. The PC would lock-up at random, only when Winamp is encoding wav files to mp3 format. My system is stable overall, except when encoding with Winamp. I have to press reset to reboot the system.

System info:
-Asus A7N8X rev2.0 BIOS ver. 1010
-512MB DDR400 OCZ (256x2 dual channel)
-AMD AthlonXP 2600+ (driver 5.1.2600.0)

-WinXP Pro SP2
-Asus GeForce4 Ti4400 (driver
-Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (driver
-DirectX 9.0c

Please let me know of any solutions, as I have just purchased the Pro version of Winamp exclusively to encode wav file to mp3.

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Lame MP3 Plugin v3.97 is a 3rd-party plugin and is not included in the default Winamp distro, ie. your post does not belong in this thread.
Try the Winamp Transcoder, or a different MP3 Output plugin
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