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Winamp 5.094: Fade-in still doesn't seem to work anymore

Hi there,

The issue that I reported previously here and here in this thread is still present in Winamp 5.094 and out_ds.dll 2.32(d), namely that the fade-in doesn't work, when starting a song. Instead the song plays at full volume immediately.

To reproduce:
  • Enable all fades (except for "end of song") and select 2999 ms as default fade length.
  • Start playing an MP3 file. It won't fade in, but plays at full volume immediately.
  • When you disable in_wm.dll, the fade-in works properly (even though the file played is an mp3 file and not a wma file).
  • Also with previous versions of out_ds.dll (i.e. 2.23) the fade-in works, even when in_wm.dll is NOT disabled.

Best Regards,

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Yup. Must be the wrong version of in_wm in the distro, because benski definitely fixed this issue and I confirmed it. But now it's broken again :-(
Note, you have to set a custom fade time for it to work in this broken build.
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