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@DJ Egg.
Clean install 5.094. Std. Modern skin is in use.

First post contains text in red warning message at the top of screen.
about reproducing: there is no statically command list, at the end of which you can see the error. In common case I’m listening winamp in background for several hours, when the error suddenly appears (usually at the song change). Before this error I’m do something in other application, and do nothing with winamp (usually). Error of this type (I don't say just this) exists since first version of winamp 5.* released (even if desktop notifications are disabled). So this is hard-catch bug and if you want to see it you must just listen winamp for long time and be ready to start debugging or write tech. info about it..

p.s. winamp window was in the toolbar mode (dockable auto-hiding toolbar at the top of screen).
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