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I've been watching mpgs that were created using TiVo To Go then the Direct Show Dump utility to extract the raw MPG. This worked fine until 8/14. I think one of two items happened: 1. I upgraded to 5.094 of WinAMP and 2. I allowed Windows Update to install patches. After this, WinAMP will not play the video mpgs. It will play other video MPGs and audio MP3s without problems. But when I try to play a TGT-DSD created MPG, it opens the video window, shows the first frame, then locks up. The Windows error reporting system claims it is caused by winamp.exe, ver, mod: in_dshow.dll, ver and OFfset 0000628f. BTW, these video files still play fine in Windows Media Player (however, it takes 45 seconds for the video to start).
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