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ok so this is my setup:


When I installed 5.12 I had to install it as admin (cuz i'm not admin). When it launched after installing, it ran as admin and it created C:\Winamp for the administrator account. I first ran it in multi-user in my account and it successfully went to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Winamp and still continues to do so.

I ran FileMon and when it queries paths.ini and goes straight to creating C:\Winamp under the admin account. There's no attempt to see if "Winamp" in the app data folder exists or write there.

If I do the reverse with the accounts, the administrator account successfully goes to the app data folder, and when I run it under a different account it writes to C:\Winamp. (did this in my virtual machine)

It also happens in 5.112

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