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The old gen_ml.ini will still be there in the Winamp\Plugins dir

and the saved playlist files will still be there in the Winamp\Plugins\ml dir

eg. plfE8A7.m3u
(they all follow the plf****.m3u naming convention)

So... if you look in gen_ml.ini at the relevant lines, eg.

query14_name=Main Playlist

You'll now know that the data for the old ml entry for a playlist named "Main Playlist" is contained in the files plfBBF9.m3u and met4B37.vmd

So copy the relevant files over, and edit in the lines into the new gen_ml.ini (query14 is a variable, where 14 should be one number higher than whatever the last query # is in your gen_ml.ini)

and all should be well (afaik, the ml playlists use absolute paths, so all the links should still be valid).
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