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Oh mr Monkey!!!!!!!!

All your MP3's are belong to us!!!!!

Cobra & Crew, I am not going to post here that much but I will be checking up on you guys to make sure you are keeping Mr Monkey under control

If I post too much on here, I won't post that much on WinDrivers & my posts there will go downhill!!!!

Monkey !!!!!!! Come back to WinDrivers!!!! the Tech Lounge topics have been very slow without you!!!!!! I wanted to hit 5K this w/e and probably would have if you were still posting!!!!

Cobra, u gonna help us hit the target this w/e?????

Hye DJ Egg. You are more than welcome over on the WinDrivers forums, dude, the more the merrier and I hope that if you do come over you can take a joke Mr 'Insane' will explain if needed

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