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Great plugin! I have 2 separate Winamp installs (desktop and laptop), and I would like to merge the song ratings because I have moved my music from the desktop (containing most of the ratings) to my my laptop (which contains newer ratings). So now I have the same mp3 files, with the same hashcodes, but in different directories. I have done the backup on both PCs, but how do I restore my ratings from the desktop on the laptop? Do I copy the main.dat file generated to the laptop and do a restore there? Even though the mp3s are pointing to the wrong directories?

Thanks a lot for this plugin, it can save me thousands of hours as I have upwards of 10 000 songs rated which I'm trying to recover on another PC

I tried changing the directories in the hashlookup.dat to the same directory I have all the mp3s in, on the laptop, and then restore, after backing up the collection on my desktop PC, but with no luck

Any ideas on how I can get this to work?

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