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Yeah, I time shift and commercial skip most of the regular TV I watch. Skipping the commercials won't save you from getting blasted before you hit the skip button.

An early example I remember. In Portland 30 years ago...

Tom Petersons "wake up" sale went badly one night. This commercial used to play at 3am LOUD. Tom probably woke up 20,000 people on a nightly basis. He made me toss a pillow at the TV once or twice.

Until one rainy 24 hour sale.....

Tom got bitch slapped by a guy who woke up and didn't want a free haircut. The guy said "Wake Up! Wake Up!" and slapped poor Tom around. Tom didn't have any more wake up sales.

The "SRS Tru-volume" is probably something you want in your new TV. Some TV's have this built in. It does diminish the surround effect, but it's a good tradeoff.

We didn't have this technology in 1983. Could it have saved Tom Peterson a beating?
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