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Originally Posted by swingdjted View Post
I can remember it being a real big thing when Magnavox came out with "Smart Sound" (after some googling I found it to be 1992). It made watching TV a lot less painful. On movies it's nice to disable those kinds of things, but in broadcast TV, it gets annoying when there's too much dynamic contrast.
yep, volume leveling, whatever monicker it goes by really is essential for certain types of videos and... well... little more than a pain in the ass for others, i can't tell you how much i annoy myself when i forgot to turn it off for watching movies on the comp.

last thing i bought.... pack of cigs, yeah boring i know, still floundering on that extra 6gb of ram.
hell, i could actually use a case upgrade fairly badly too, i'm tempted to get this antec lanboy air case but it's not a screwless designed case which is a total no brainer in this day and age and honestly it seems near perfect and fits a ton of fans, even ones that unlike my cooler master HAF case i can find replacements for (stupid gigantic oddball sizes) so i'm pretty indecisive, screwless design is literally a must for me anything else seems like a downgrade, but then again as long as i stick with the HAF once a fan dies i literally can't replace it, i've looked for their size everywhere i can think of.

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