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Some people buy the closest sized fan without going bigger, and then cut a template to mount it on. If it's a hidden fan that you don't really see, that can help save you in a pinch. Sometimes a reduction in diameter isn't necessarily a reduction in flow. Some models can push a lot of air without being big or loud.

As for a new case, the only major reason I can see getting one is to get a new look if you're into aesthetics, although some just want more ins/outs or more bays, or maybe something is functionally wrong with the old case.

Personally, when building this computer, I just got the biggest, ugliest case I could find, because it had more capabilities than anything else on the market at the time. I have seen some people dress this particular case up really well, but I just needed it for the function. It even has wheels, which I now don't want to ever live without anymore.

While the Lanboy Air case does have a nice industrial look, I'd be worried that it would be a dust nightmare and would also fail to keep airflow going the intended direction (no solid sidewalls to direct airflow). This design would also require extremely quiet components since the lack of solid sidewalls will allow all sounds to travel directly to your ear unobstructed rather than being contained within. But, if your components stay cool and quiet on their own, it might not be a problem for you.

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